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Ok, finally got my hands on the new version. Still having a blast as I was half a year ago. Well, can't say anything new here - after all, the aspects of the game i've mentioned in the comment below are all still there (although, apparently, my excitement towards the resemblance of most dead bodies towards the main character hold true no more due to the introduction of new starting classes), so I'm gonna list some events I've encountered.

1. The Mercenary's sprite becomes invisible after he reemerges from the gore pile. Sometimes. Sometimes the animation of emerging plays as usual and the game goes on as intended, but sometimes, no animation is played and the character appears invisible. The game still functions normally, though. The same didn't happen with other characters for me.

2. The corner tiles on the 3rd level (prisons) are passable - as far as my experience with RPG maker goes, you have forgotten to set these tilemaps to untraversable.

3. Cavegnomes on level 3 can pass through prison bars. Due to the nature of the "pass through tiles" event property, I'd suggest the replacement of the Cavegnomes AI: make them spawn and roam above the black void with the event on, but as soon as they see a player, they, after a 1 second delay, rush to the tile coordinate that the player was spotted on with a speed of 6 (sorry, RPGMXP user here, don't know about other versions). Just as they reach that tile, switch "pass through tiles" off and let them chase you the same way they do now.

4. Ok, so I was recently playing with my Mercenary and decided to sacrifice the girl at the altar. I was given the "Summon blood golem" spell, which i used in the battle against lone dark priest. After winning the battle, i've tried to re-summon the golem again, this time in the encounter with 2 other dark priests. However, after i used the skill the game consumed my HP but refised to summon the blood golem, telling me that "He was already in the party", although he definitely wasn't.

That's it for now, i guess. I'll continue playing and tell if i encounter something else worth mentioning.

P.S. Love that Silent Hill 2 reference)

Awesome! Thank for the feedback! I'll do something about the bugs mentioned here. I must say your original theory about the resemblance of the corpses was so good that I considered it myself. But multiple characters was my initial concept of the game, so I decided to roll with it.

I'm glad you caught the reference! You're the first one to mention it :D Silent Hill is a big influence on this project.