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You know what, I enjoyed this. Well, enjoy is a loose word, but it was certainly an interesting experience, and I think you really nailed the atmosphere. I enjoyed the pop up error and fourth wall breaking. I did leave feeling more depressed, it would have been nice to have a positive spin somewhere, although part of it did feel like we were experiencing your frustration at making this entry, as opposed to a character roleplay, but writing from experience does make things more relatable. Thank you for deciding to post this. You've made a complete game in a month, and it plays all the way through to the end. That's a huge achievement, whether or not it came out quite the way you wanted. I think perfectionism and depression go hand in hand.

P.s. trying to use the menu to open skill/status/equip whatever does end the game because of missing files. Don't know why anyone would need to use those anyway, but I like to snoop around since I was maybe expecting laundry and things to appear in the inventory. Perhaps replacing the skills as a list of conversation topics that have been collected would be cool? Anyway, nice work :)