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This was a nice game :) At first, I was really confused, but once you get a hang of it the puzzles are fun and do-able. The extra pieces of story were an interesting bonus, if not a bit cliche.

The portrait of Diana is very cute. I did think that the game would be longer than it actually was, are you planning to make extra areas? I don't think it'd harm the game to have some extra detail, but if it does get longer, you probably need something in the way of a simple pause menu or save/loading. Some people will breeze through this, but others might need extra time. 

P.s. there's a typo in the first room, it should be 'your towel'. 


Thank you for playing my game. I was planning on adding more areas with more puzzles, however, with the time of the game jam coming to a close, we chose to keep it short.

Thank you for noticing the typo.