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Hey, thanks for playing our game!

I am thrilled to see a lets play of our game. I hope you enjoyed playing it as much as I enjoyed watching it! 

Thanks! That means a lot! 

Thank you for playing!

We will definitely work on a more proper tutorial next time and thanks for the feedback! 


If I may give hints, the game itself may not explain explicitly how some of the hidden mechanics work within this prototype and seeing how you were able to defeat the previous battle against Oreh and Alice, the battle against Harold and his party may prove difficult! However don't let that discourage you. What the previous team have that team Harold lacks is a proper mage! Use that to your advantage! I would recommend using Aloia to pull enmity from Harold's entire team using her use of evasion. Her evasion stacks depending on her movements. I would recommend getting her evasion as high as possible to allow her to 'tank' the team!

The shield allows the user to block oncoming physical attacks from the front by reducing AP. This meant it can only be used from the front where the character is facing!

Again, thanks for playing! I hope you may give our game another shot!

Thank you for playing! 

I enjoyed reading your post and feedback! 

Thanks for playing and feedback! 

Thanks for playing!

Where does it pause? 

Turn order is determined by AP. I believe for that case what happened was an enemy had more AP for next turn, allowing that enemy to go first. 

Thanks for the feedback! 

Thank you for giving this game a go!

I appreciate feedback, I try my best on the art!

Thank you for playing our game!

I will take your feedback into consideration!

Thank you for playing and doing a let's play of my game. I will have to make it more challenging next time!

Thank you for playing my game. I was planning on adding more areas with more puzzles, however, with the time of the game jam coming to a close, we chose to keep it short.

Thank you for noticing the typo.