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I dunno if you still need this, but there were 2 good endings and 2 bad endings in Hayato's route, and a neutral/normal ending and another bad ending for like the general route, I think. The reincarnation ending was one of Hayato's bad endings, and the one with him in the human world was one of the good endings. You're so lucky, omg, I suffered trying to get those good endings hahaha *SPOILERS* The other bad ending happens like halfway through the month when y'all  go to the festival together. I think it was the 17th or 19th? You have to be living with him but on bad terms with each other at that point. Like, go to all his events/routes but pick the bad choices. There's another bad ending from the general route that happens while you're out in the festival area/marketplace (idk) too. I forget when that appears, but it's definitely before the 20th. To get that, don't pick any of the guys (remember when you had the choice to stay in your room all day?), and if you're forced to, choose the bad choices. It's like the inversion of the Miss Independent ending (if you've gotten that already). The 2 good endings are pretty easy to get once you get one of them, but that was the hardest part for me hahaha. Basically, if you reach the point near the end of the month where you and Hayato start talking about reconciling with your family, you're on the right track. Whether you choose to reconcile or not, you'll get one of the good endings. *END SPOILERS* 

Thanks!!! Super helpful! Sorry you had to struggle but because of your sacrifice we can all play with limited blind spots. Good job comrade!