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i'll give it a try and will post if successful. it couldve just been my computer as well

sorry the ff was a typo !! lol forgot to delete and have no idea how to edit it

great game. just finished giving a survey and was replaying the game when I noticed a small glitch during the scene where we are teasing Mailiki on his public indecency. It's when we first met Mimi. She disappears from the frame for a while and only her voice is heard.  So far I have on cheat or rather hint mode and have been picking all the choices to get me both the sorc. and liki

Thanks!!! Super helpful! Sorry you had to struggle but because of your sacrifice we can all play with limited blind spots. Good job comrade!

how many good endings did it have. I got the reincarnation one as well as the him bk on human world one but as far as they go that was it. along with me being stopped cause i was pursuing unfinished routes. help a otaku out lol XD onegai

This is the best story line i've read in a long time! The characters were amazing and quirky and just plain own lovable! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing game! It lifted my spirits to high heavens. Truly words can't express how much I loved it. 100%. I'll definitely check out anything you guys have out in the future if it happens. loved the game.