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As a writer, that's exactly what I wanna hear! Thanks for playing! :)

Also, Opal, I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you make the little sprite characters?

I don't mind at all! I sprited them from scratch in and Photoshop. I made myself a character sprite base for RPG Maker games and basically added details on top of that.

Woah!!! That must be hard!

Ummm... I wanted to make my own game using RPG Maker Ace... But the problem is that the sprites they provide aren't accurate to what I need... Is it okay if you send me a base for you sprites? If thats ok?

I'm really sorry, but I don't know that I want other people to use my sprite base. :( I made my own because I wanted my character sprites to stand out from other RPG Maker games and have a unique look. If you want to get started with pixel art, this tutorial is really helpful! I'm sure there are also some freely available sprite bases out there for RPG Maker that are different from the default ones provided. Good luck!!

Oh... Ok. Thank you anyways