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Is there anywhere prefs etc. where I could force this back to windowed mode? It worked fine at first launch, but I changed it to fullscreen and then restarted the game and now it shows just black screen. itch demo and (full) steam version acts the same way. 

EDIT: Ok found it in >> My Documents/GROWTH settings.txt 

Black screen still persists but I have very unorthodox setup anyway. I have to try few things, probably not a big thing :) 

..and Xbox360 controller bindings for jump, action & use item, seems to be in wrong order.

Other than that, the game works like a charm and looks awesome!  Good job! =)

Hello! Thanks for the feedback, i'll make sure to check the controller binding issue. The steam version was updated yesterday night with a fix for a fullscreen-not-working issue, but it's possible that it happened after that. The game is in a phase of following up the development of the GLFW project, so some of this sort of issues will soon be fixed by newer releases of the library

Sounds good thanks