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Why? No offense, but It's not a game in "very early state", it's literally "nothing". While you learning how to do things keep it to yourself or post in appropriate places.

1. We all had to start somewhere. 2.Posting the game openly is an incentive for me to invest more time into it.

I believe it's best to post games in such early stage of development on special forums. I was not very happy to download 357 MB archive to find that there is almost nothing inside and probably I'm not alone. At least, delete unused files. Again, I did not mean to offend you, just advice. And good luck on making your game.

Sorry about the unnecesarly huge file. I did not know how to effectivly remove files at the point of upload (but i am aware of it now), and until the contest is over, i can not change the files. And thanks, I will do my best.