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Hello and Welcome to Hungry Birds

I started work on my new game approximately 3 months ago.  Life for this game began by following a simple tutorial to help me learn Unity. I decided to take the tutors advise and add a few extra bits too it, kept on doing this and made a real project out of it.  I've been spending hours on it each day, probably around 400 hours so far (which includes programming, level design, testing, learning as I go, etc). My time on it it spent equally amongst creating new levels, puzzles, overall design or game play mechanics. 

Hungry Birds is a sling shot style game, along the lines of Angry Birds. I now have up to 40 playable levels, and of those 40 levels there are around 26 unique sceneries. The game includes a variety of destructible objects.

I would love some peeps to make a purchase (starting price $1.50) and to then please provide feedback and suggestions, and contribute towards my dev logs.

Please also note the screenshots shown, and gameplay footage are from about 8 revisions ago, and lot's more has been added in terms of content and features. 

This game is also bound to be receiving numerous updates in the short term too.