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1. I'm Bryan. :) 26, married, and a recent graduate with a degree in New Media Arts.

2. Nope, didn't participate last year, just now heard about this. I was already planning on making something this summer, seems like really great timing to do it in a game jam.

3. Final Fantasy XI inspired me beyond words. The immersive experience taught me to cherrish even the most basic interactions with people, and helped me cultivate an appreciation for my surroundings and experiences.

4. Very little. I've honestly never worked with an engine. I plan on coding something webased using Javascript/Coffeescript. I might develop the UI with Angular JS.

5. I'm an illustrator,I love art. My technical skills are also all pretty much web-based.


Awesome to see another FFXI player! Good luck in the jam~

Thanks a bunch! Same to you! :D Got big plans for your game?

Thank you! Eeeeh, kind of? My only hopes is to get the main idea down!