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Hello Dicesuki! First of all,  what a magnificent game. I really enjoy it and this is the most interesting, amazing, visual novel i ever had (even for free, which helps a whole lot for students like me which can't afford to pay.... yet.)

Though i want to ask, each time i fast-forwarded the text (from the beginning to the first choice) there's always a warning saying that the script  is broken or something like that, and makes the possible chance of infinite loop. It shows that i can either rollback, ignore, accept or quit the game. I decided to ignore, hoping it would never harm the game.  Is it okay, though?

Secondly, will there be any epilogue? Can i ask when will be the release date? I can't wait!

Thanks Dicesuki! Love your work a whole damn lotsssss! ;;

Hello, Chrystoelle! Thank you so much for playing Cinderella Phenomenon! We're sorry to hear that you have encountered the bug. It was something we have fixed in the first version of the game which was built on a different version of the engine.  Ignoring this error may allow you to move forward. If you could name which part of the script you found this error, it would help. Secondly, yes! There will definitely be an epilogue. You can stay up to date with the #CPFandisk hashtag on our Twitter or #CP Fandisk on Tumblr. Thank you again for your support. Have a nice day! 

Hello, Dicesuki! Thanks for the respond.

So i took the screenshot when the error happened, and apparently it's not just me who encountered this bug (i did introduce the game to my friends and they encountered this kind of bug too). I did choose to ignore though, glad if it doesn't harm the game in any how. Truly support for your next work (if there's any) and will be very looking forward for the epilogues! <3