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For those who are not good with first-person perspective (like myself), you might want to make a clearer map to help navigate these dungeons. I could not get far at all on account of constantly getting lost, prematurely celebrating upon finding my first door in ages that in fact led to absolutely nowhere.

I was intrigued to see a game involving cards among the offerings because I thought it would suggest a novel mechanism. For what other reason, then, must our enemies be some totally-NOT-Yu-Gi-Oh! cards (according to several frames of reference, I would imagine)? Why is Aaelind not in our party? I thought we were Aaelind. If we supposedly volunteer our services to the king, why does he threaten to lock us up in jail should we fail? Um... thanks? I would totally want to work for this obviously benevolent king...?

The defaced graphic for cards nearing their end was a nice touch, though I think more subtlety would better suit them.

Greetings Stefanos,

I would really like to thank you for your comments and review of the game.

Indeed, some people said that they felt the cards were Yu-Gi-Oh!, which they are not but I do understand. As the fact as playing as "Aaeling", it is actually the case since we are the "Card Master" and that you can change your deck of cards used in battles any time you want through the "Formation" menu.

On the other hand, I do understand that some parts of the game, like the "king" part... it would have effectively been better with a few more tweaks and about the aspects of the kingdoms being destroyed and people being tensed and nervous about everything going wrong everywhere.

Glad you liked the torned and defaced graphics from the cards. We remembered "Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest" on the Super NES and thought that it would be great to have different card effects according to their health.

As for the maps... we thought about it at first too but we were scared that "too easy looking" maps would rather make the game's labyrinth's importance a bit too easy and make the game too short.

However... if we ever feel like keeping the game and making it go a step further in the future, we'll take really good care of all your sincere comments. :)