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Well... sadly it seems that we have been disqualified for using assets that were not commercially usable.

We don't know which assets but will try to understand why!

Greetings Stefanos,

I would really like to thank you for your comments and review of the game.

Indeed, some people said that they felt the cards were Yu-Gi-Oh!, which they are not but I do understand. As the fact as playing as "Aaeling", it is actually the case since we are the "Card Master" and that you can change your deck of cards used in battles any time you want through the "Formation" menu.

On the other hand, I do understand that some parts of the game, like the "king" part... it would have effectively been better with a few more tweaks and about the aspects of the kingdoms being destroyed and people being tensed and nervous about everything going wrong everywhere.

Glad you liked the torned and defaced graphics from the cards. We remembered "Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest" on the Super NES and thought that it would be great to have different card effects according to their health.

As for the maps... we thought about it at first too but we were scared that "too easy looking" maps would rather make the game's labyrinth's importance a bit too easy and make the game too short.

However... if we ever feel like keeping the game and making it go a step further in the future, we'll take really good care of all your sincere comments. :)

Thanks alot. It's really appreciated. :)

It seems awesome, will definitely try it tonight!

Greetings djbeardo,

Indeed, we're a little family studio and we love to spend hours making games together instead of playing games. :)

We really appreciated your comment and we do hope you loved playing Card Master Aaelind. :)

Greetings Timespiraled,
These cards are totally homemade based on "Magics Card" style and each color-typed card are just the same template with different color shades.

To be honest, I didn't even know how Yu-Gi Oh! cards looked like so I browsed the web to find it out and yeah, I do understand why both of you guys thought these were Yu-Gi Oh! cards... but rest assured that it's really 100% homemade with Photoshop. :)

Greetings Aberdeus,

First of all, I would like to thank you for being the first person to comment my game.

Actually, I went on the Internet and searched for "Magics Card Templates" and found out a template that seemed nice and I altered the colors depending on the monster's element. (I presume you found out that the "Fire bat" had a red card since it was a "fire element" type of monster)

As you may notice, too, there is no downloadable game so far because I really want to launch it around november 4th just before the end of the contest's end date.

We're currently working on making new stuff to make it look as old-school as possible. This said, I'll take a look about your suggestion on making the cards less "plain".

To thank you, here's a little gift : the "Bats Swarm" poison-type card and the "Boss Golem" earth-type card.

Bats SwarmBoss Golem