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I went into this not realizing this was a demo and for that I was a little hard on it. The game is gorgeous, the home feels very lived in and the voice acting is fantastic, though it was difficult for me to tell the difference between Karen and Lisa. The newspapers and other collectibles did a lot to sell the period and the music was fantastic, though I did have to splice one out for copyright issues. I was not aware going in that this also covered mental health and was pleasantly surprised to see that covered as well. My only real criticism is that the dark sections are far more frustrating than they are impactful. I hope in later versions you can find a way to convey what it is you're going for without resorting to pitch black rooms. For reference, I was running everything on medium and textures on high due to very low framerates when running everything on high. I hope you find some use of the feedback and I apologize for coming across so negatively at the end of the video.

Thank you for your great feedback! It appears that the subtitles were not showing up/enabled when you played through, hence the difficulty in distinguishing which voice belonged to Karen, and which belonged to Lisa. We will most likely be adding other ways for the player to tell the difference before the final release. The demo also appears to have some issues with the Shadow Quality option making the game a lot darker when it is lowered, so apologies for the frustration this caused in the dark sections of the game. Thank you once again for the feedback, and we're glad you enjoyed our demo!