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I really enjoyed this game, the art style is like a mix Super Meat Boy and Cuphead, really fun game to play and loved the music. I've recorded a full playthrough of the demo on my Youtube channel which I'll be publishing at 8pm (UK time) Monday night so I'll drop you a link when it's up.

Good luck with building the full game

Really glad to hear you enjoyed the game ScouseMouse! We massively appreciate you giving it a go, and making a video of it for us :D

Can't wait to see your playthrough! Lets us know when it's up and we'll make sure we re-tweet it @heraldofloco.

Hey MegaSloth, here is my video of your demo, I hope you felt like I did it justice.

I've followed you on Twitter cos I'm really looking forward to keeping up the the progress of this game and hopefully playing the full version in future.

Awesome video man, really enjoyed watching it :D

Thank you again for playing it and for your kind words! We'll re-tweet your video now! (Love your channel mascot btw)