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Thank you so much! We're really happy that you like the game (and the changes) <3

And thanks a lot for the feedback! 
The transitions being to immediate is a good point. Fixing that shouldn't be too much trouble either.
Teal's inner monologues and how long-winded they can be is something we're aware of and once our to-do lists are a bit shorter we'll try to edit them some more. 
Skin color variations is something we wanted to include but we'll have to see if we can fit this into our schedules. Still, we're aware that this is another important point for inclusion, so even if we don't find the time to implement it in //TODO: today, we'll make sure to include it in our plans early on for future projects!
I checked the script where Zen and Snow talk and the only "he" pronoun was in one of Snow's lines, so if this was a typo it seems to be fixed now. 
Joyce's departure feeling out of place is another fair point! The way it is now mostly works if Teal is more focused on Joyce than on Phoenix. We'll take a look if we can edit it a bit more so it makes sense in either situation.

Feedback like this is really helpful, so thanks again! Unfortunately we can't promise to address all of it as our schedules are already pretty packed, but we'll do what we can and definitely keep it in mind as we work on finishing it!

We hope we'll manage to finish part 2 soon and that you'll enjoy that, too! 
Thanks for playing! (again) <3