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- The splash attack comes from the Coral Necklace item, so there's not much I can do about the description.

(Although considering that Poseidon created horses, it could technically still apply.  Pegasus and Polyphemus are also sons of Poseidon, so its not like the chicken-horse would really be the strangest branch in that family tree.)

- There actually is a button to remove TP? I looked all over the place for basically the entire month before giving up.  How did  I miss that? ^ ^;  (I can fix that.)

- I can definitely remove the gold once the judgement period for the game jam is over- it was mostly my way of testing to make sure the chests were working at the beginning of development.

-Likewise, can definitely adjust the amphorae sprites.

-I do plan on adding a proper intro/outro later on, but I had to leave it off due to time constraints.

(It was a choice between that or the instructions, so it had to be done.)

- The bosses are hippalektryon, Arachne, and the minotaur.

-Getting the healing items balanced has been tricky. I had issues during play-testing where it was too easy to magic everything into oblivion.

I lowered the  number of creatures that dropped cave plants to try to limit mana supplies, but I suppose I may have gone overboard. ^ ^;

Likewise, I had issues with the healing items getting too scarce and too plentiful- one testing round had about fifty diluted wine, another barely had any and I had to go maenad hunting. (There was also the round where Theseus was dead for a long time because I couldn't find an undervine, but  that was a separate issue.)I'll see if altering the "dilute wine" common event can fix that.

- Balancing the minotaur has likewise been complicated. I don't think the 2-3 rounds where Arachne was impossible, thus making it impossible to reach the minotaur, helped in this regard.

I basically started with a minotaur who in battle-testing looked like he would be just fine, but turned out to be too weak in the actual game. After that, it turned into invincible-wimp tennis for multiple rounds, Arachne ended up invincible for two tests in  a row(and barely beatable in the third), and then the event refused to show up for seemingly no reason, at which point I had to make an identical event slightly higher on the map.

That last bit happened on the last day I could realistically work on this(I had important things on the 3rd-4th, and the entry was due by midnight on the fourth)

Needless to say, when I finally got a functioning minotaur,  who was actually beatable, I asked no questions and proceeded to figure out how deployment/ uploads worked.

I'll try to fix him when I can. I  think giving him a unique skill or something (like envenom with Arachne) might make him more challenging without rendering him unbeatable by mistake(again). That'll have to wait until after the judging period, though.

-Looked up the definition- dual is an awkward name for that. I'll change it something else when I can. (Maybe smite?)

Anyhow, I'm thankful that you enjoyed my game despite these issues. ^   ^