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I really really want to play this on my DK2, but I don't have motion controllers. Is there any way to select the menu items to get into the game with just an xbox controller?

Nimso plz

There is no point me going backwards to build a system that literally only one person will play.

That's how I made the Mario Bros. demo, I had to because I didn't have hand controllers, but I was severely limited and I even had complaints about not being able to use hand controllers.

I can't work on a massivley inferior product now that I can finally do what everyone else has been able to for 2 years!

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First of all, thanks for your response!

You make a good point, the xbox controller + DK2 is way outdated and there are very few people who use it,  but as far as I can tell, the motion controllers only function is to select menu items on start up.

Unless the motion controllers are used in conjunction with the positional tracking I don't see why there isn't at least a text file or equivalent that I can edit to change the settings and start the game. As of right now all I can do is run around the void with floating menu options.

There is a lot more involved than you think.

Body tracking is done between the Hands and Head, Direction is controlled relative to the hand.

The reason you didn't hear much about me 2 years ago when I started this locomotion system is because not having Hand Tracking made the whole thing incredibly weak.

Hand tracking is Necessary... I do not use head direction for movement, I Never did, not even before I had hand tracking.

To understand more, see my latest videos on VR Physics:

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Ok that makes a lot of sense! Thanks for clearing that up!