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Hi, I was very interested in your game's concept that of a musical platformer,
but sadly I don't seem able to get to experience that. I'm Having big trouble with the first wall jumping part and I can't get past it. It feels to me like the inertia generated when I jump a wall to reach the other is lost when I press the directional key which I need to get said wall. 
I hope I am making sense with what im saying :p

Hi Pappapisshu,

We realise the wall jumping mechanic can be a little tricky, it definitely takes some getting used to.

One solution is to hop your way up one side of the wall. then use the fall to bridge the gap, as I know some people find this easier.

I would suggest maybe trying one of the alternate control sets for movement if you're using one specifically and seeing if that helps. 

I've just downloaded and tested it myself, and it is possible I promise.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at making it easier for a new build :D

Good luck and I hope you make it through!

Mega Sloth

Thank you!
Nice project BTW Keep it up!

We've increased the amount of bounce on Wall Jumping, and ensured it all functions properly! So if you're still having issues give the new verson a go :D