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This is super useful feedback thank you so much! This is totally the kind of stuff about conveying information I wanted feedback on when more people started playing it. I'm glad everything seems to be working. And I didn't know about the shift-click thing that seems really helpful! Good story advice too.

AS FOR the battles yeah that one is tricky. Not to spoil too much but that's the last fight in the game so you were pretty much there. For anyone who wants the solution, copy and paste this following paragraph into

Lbh arrq gb fheivir gjb nggnpxf. Sbe gur svefg, unir Znqql oybpx sbe Pnebyvar juvyr fur unf fuvryqf sbe urefrys. Sbe gur frpbaq, gvzr vg fb Pnebyvar'f fuvryqf pbzr hc evtug ba gung ghea, gura unir Znqql oybpx sbe urefrys.

Thanks for playing!