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Great feedback, it is appreciated!

It is very difficult to gauge what is easy and difficult for people - you found the game easy, a couple others couldn't get past the fight in the mountain pass because they were having too much trouble, and less than 30 days is not really enough time to perfectly balance things, but if I revisit this project I will definitely spend more time tuning it.

Actually, more time would basically address just about all of the issues you had with the game :)

The only thing that wasn't my fault that I can tell is when you mentioned that some abilities don't do what they say they do - they do, but certain buffs/debuffs can certainly affect if they land or not, and Luck (the stat) has a big role in that. Neglect Luck, you won't land your debuffs nearly as much. If the tank character taunts and doesn't get taunt, then that is because they have one of the debuffs that prevents buffs from being applied (or a monster used an ability to remove it ).

At any rate, this is great feedback that I would definitely take into consideration should I decide to expand upon the game! Thanks for playing!