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Please post the controls. It is confusing, though i realize there is no instruction on how to jump, roll, or really navigate the levels well. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry about that! I removed all of the old clutter from the page in preparation for the release and have been neglecting the demo.

  • Z to jump, 
  • X to attack, 
  • left/right arrow keys to move, 
  • down arrow key to fall through thin platforms, 
  • up arrow key to open door. 
  • A to jump,
  • X to attack, 
  • d-pad or joystick to move, fall through, or open doors like above. 
  • (you have to press z on keyboard when getting a power up, it was a bug I never fixed). 

In-game controls will be available in the full version when it releases. I will try to update the demo for that as well.