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Alright, so I want to start off saying this is not my kind of game... but I really enjoyed it.

Mapping is great and the use of intractables and character changes is a really unique system and fun and nostalgic game play. Critical path needs some work in some areas (I was just guessing where to go at times, but luckily the maps are small and tight) and the backtracking is a little annoying at times. A simple quest/mission system would really benefit the game. It was simple enough to follow but because this isn't my kind of game, I was only half paying attention and was like "what was I supposed to be looking for?" Also for the time limit of one hour for the game jam, ending the game after the earth fortress place would have made for a satisfying ending and wrapped up nicely. Instead I wound up in a town and then a beach and a really awesome looking pirate ship when I should have been in a graveyard. I get that a lot of the maps are mazes but the path of least resistance led me there first instead, so once again, a simple quest log would have been nice. Dialogue is short, sweet, and humorous. Game play is fairly simple (in a good way), music is definitely on point with the feel of the game, minimalist menu is nice. One gripe would be that after mutation, instead of automatically backing out of the window, let the player back out of the window in case they chose the wrong transformation. I got to the "boss" of the graveyard and got tired of trying to figure out the puzzle (this isn't really my style of game) and went to save and am way over the hour mark, so I stopped playing there. I will continue playing it later thought.

Summary: Great use of RTP/RTP style graphics, unique features/gameplay, critical path/direction/task-at-hand could use a little more work, excellent maze and puzzle design, wonderful and clean dialogue, and great music choices (credits scene from title screen doesn't have music though). 

Would definitely recommend and would suggest trying to port to mobile as it would be a great time killer, brain teaser type game.

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Thank you for the feedback. You've given me some good ideas for improvements!

A quest system is a great idea. I thought it would be unnecessary since the story is linear and you only have one quest at a time, but in retrospect there are a few areas where it could help keep track of things.

The beach is supposed to be blocked off by the Captain until you've completed the graveyard, but I double-checked and it appears that I made the Captain's walking range a bit larger than intended.

The graveyard puzzle is a simplified 3x3 lights out puzzle (missing the center light). Hit the blue light on the wall to reset. SPOILER: The simplest solution is to simply toggle each light once.

Please drop back in and let me know what you think of the rest of the game!

Also, I put puzzle solutions in the game's thread here. You'll probably want that for the final puzzle.