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Gaaaaaah!  I really did forget to add his scar!  After I repeatedly told myself not to forget the scar too!  And then I put that CG in the screenshots!  Haha.   Oh dear.  I'll have to be more vigilant about that in the future.  (I'll probably fix it eventually, but for now I don't want to mess with the game  until the contest is over. )

Anyway, thanks for giving my little game a try.  I'm glad that you enjoyed it and would be interested in a bigger project.  That's definitely encouraging.  If I do make a bigger game (which I'm still thinking I eventually will), it will definitely include a relationship/romance mechanic.  I'm a sucker for them myself so of course I'd have to include one.  ;D

I personally hate grinding  so it was kind of important to me to design the boss battles so that you didn't have to.  My ultimate hope is that they were somewhat challenging if you didn't train, but easy if you took the time to level up and buy items.  (I also figured the poor judges might have had enough of grinding by the time they got to my game. :P)  I probably should have made the villains a little harder to pinpoint because I do agree that it's kind of obvious.  I did kind of want to avoid the whole it was that nice person you grew to love thing that I always see in media though.  I mean, I guess it makes it more surprising, but since it happens so often it's kind of predictable in its own way.  Basically, I was hoping that player's would realize so and so's behavior was problematic and that it probably should have been addressed earlier to avoid this whole incident.

So yeah, thank you for your comment!  You gave me some great feedback that I'll be sure to put to good use!

(On a side note, your comment was very easy to read.  I wouldn't have known you weren't a native english speaker.)