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Hi again Maxmet. Thank you for the screenshot. I believe I have fixed the issue. The problem was that I had hard coded the buttons to appear 800 pixels below the top of the view, making them unreachable for any resolutions below 800 pixels in height. Can't believe I didn't think about this back when I worked on it. There is a new version available (0.14) where the buttons are always 256 pixels below the center of the view, making them reachable for any resolutions above 512 pixels in height (it covers even 800x600 resolution which is severely outdated). Thank you for the help! Feel free to let me know if there are any further issues.

I guess my monitor is getting obsolete haha. But yes, it work fine now, great!

It would probably be nice to have a couple of hotkeys available just in case, but not very important in a prototype. It seems pretty cool, I like how the weapons affect movement quite a lot, although it would be cool for the movement itself to have more options (strafing, maybe a quick break, etc.)

No problem, and keep up the good work! I'll try Hellstar tomorrow, seems interesting.