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hi! i just started playing Paletta but while I was playing, the game got stuck(?) and it wouldnt move at all :/ The music's playing but they're not moving and I tried to go to Menu and clicked 'D' and everything but it wont move :/ It's stuck when I just arrived at the next town after I got the invisible shard. I wonder what the problem is? huhu :(

Hi there! Thanks for telling us about this bug; does this happens when you have just arrived to the town, right after the transfer to that one?  Nothing happens on the new town?

Well i told this person that i was looking for a shard and so i followed the person and then while following him, suddenly they stopped. 

Had the same problem, but compatibility mode windows 7 fix it for me, give it a shot. And good Luck!

btw Great game Cosmic Latte!!
Have a good one ppl!!

Ah. My game's working now! Thank you :)