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Hi Mark! Thank you so much for your kind words <3 Which devlog forum? I think I posted it around in a few places.

To clarify since I can't think of which post you're referring to, I had begun working on my webcomic, Time Fiddler, before Life is Strange's announcement trailer, and not this game, lol. I wouldn't say it was super insanity driving but more a surprise that someone was almost making something similar to me (as far as teen girls with time travelling abilities with some drama and romance is concerned), and quite honestly waiting until the season was done (and more importantly I had completed a large chunk of my comic) before playing it was super rewarding because it honestly felt like someone had gone into the deepest parts of my brain and made the thing I wanted without me putting in the effort; like it had been made just for me. So I loved it, honestly. It helped that I had fleshed out my story a good amount before consuming theirs so that I had a clear direction and goal with mine that was unaffected by their art :P (at least not too much).

The more of that type of thoughtful content and pacing we have the better. Time Fiddler was born out of a perceived lack of it on my end, whether that's true or not. 

I'm glad to hear that you liked the writing. That's the one thing I have zero point of reference to for whether or not its good. I still feel like its clunky in places and constantly tweak it when I go through it.

Thank you so much for playing the game and enjoying it! :)


Ah, very interesting to hear your thoughts. And my bad I meant to say I saw your post for the game in the release announcements forms. And I agree - thoughtful content is truly the best, and its's encouraging to see someone make something out of a desire to see it for themselves. 

Writing's weird. You can be easy to under or over estimate quality as you cannot read it as a reader, only a writer. To me the writing works overall pretty well, the thing about natural writings - is that it is almost unnoticeable - nothing seemed glaringly clunky to me, I guess the only way to reflect is give it time to rest and review later on. Hmm.

And you're welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed. Wish you well on future projects.