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Really love the game, the art is adorable (I already knew it's gonna be, considering I follow all of you on tapastic) and the story is interesting. It would be cool if you could choose a gender at the beginning of them game, but that's not really an issue considering the mc appears only at the end, really. I did find a bug, though. To me, when you play Yuu's route and pick to drink her tea, the screen goes red and stays that way. The end screen doesn't appear nor are you able to click the options button. While this isn't that much of a problem considering you can just exit the whole game and continue on, I just wanted to be of a little help. 

Good luck

Hi! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I did think about making mc neutral gendered, but since it was my first time making a game, I didn't really know how to manage that.. As for the bug, it should be fixed in the latest version (v1.3), thanks for mentioning it though!