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This game is cute in an old pixel art style. It has a chill vibe, even if it's a bit slow paced to start.

It's not the easiest game to start on, but it's okay when you get going. There aren't any indicators that houses are in use or drills are working beyond the resource page, and resources are slow to start building. Several times I used up the initial resources setting up, nothing would be happening for the first ~10-15 seconds and I'd assume I didn't set up with enough solar panels or potato boxes and start over.

Also, could you add game mechanics to the how to? Basic things like "the buildings tab is where you can find structures you can build" or WASD and scroll wheel to look around the map type things. Maybe I'm spectacularly oblivious, but I didn't notice initially the building tab had buttons and I just clicked around the screen and pressed keys aimlessly for the first few minutes and getting a bit frustrated.