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Great feedback! Challenges are definitely still a work-in-progress and not well balanced. I have some ideas for rewards for completing them though! ;)

Thanks for the fullscreen bug-report! Could you tell me your PC specs? Do you use an Intel graphics card by any chance? And I assume you playing with mouse+keyboard (not gamepad)?

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I have a gtx 960 graphics card and intel core i5-4690 processor(i don't know if that is relevant but i'll write it anyway), and yes I am using mouse+keyboard. Have tried with and without the pad connected and it's the same.

I tested it a bit and when i have full screen it seems like the mouse sprite works normally but the hit box moves slower than the sprite which makes them totally disconnected. It is like this everywhere, not just in the options menu, except when you're playing but then you don't see the normal sprite anyway.

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Alright, I think I can work with that! Again, thanks a lot for trying out an unfinished game and offering your feedback, I don't take it for granted.

My pleasure :)