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My pleasure :)

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I have a gtx 960 graphics card and intel core i5-4690 processor(i don't know if that is relevant but i'll write it anyway), and yes I am using mouse+keyboard. Have tried with and without the pad connected and it's the same.

I tested it a bit and when i have full screen it seems like the mouse sprite works normally but the hit box moves slower than the sprite which makes them totally disconnected. It is like this everywhere, not just in the options menu, except when you're playing but then you don't see the normal sprite anyway.

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Ah that makes sense. I think you should put some sort of disclaimer of that though ;).

If I would complain about anything I think it would be how inconsistent the challenges are in difficulty. Some I can easily do on my first try whilst others are almost impossible for me without there being any sort of extra reward for beating them that I wouldn't get from the easier ones. Many of the normal challenges are way more difficult than some of the advanced challenges.

I guess that you will put in some kind of thing to buy for the challenge triangles so I'm looking forward to that.

Other than that, almost everything feels really good and I've put it on my wishlist :)

Also just remembered: had some weird things happen when i tried full screen. It was like my mouse was offset from where it looked like it was so it was almost impossible to use my mouse. Had to use the arrow keys to turn it of again. I'm using a windows 10 computer with  2560-1440 resolution if that helps.

I'm absolutely loving it so far but I just got stuck because of what i think is a bug.

At the end of second planet's first level (I haven't checked on the other levels on the planet because i can't get past this one) the end ball thingy doesn't finish the level. I can dash to it once but nothing happens and after that I can't dash to it anymore. Everything else in the game still works. T_T