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Hi, just tested out stuff in training mode and the game feels good just that Satoshi needs a balance patch, his jumping heavy which goes downwards, has way too much hitstun to where you can constantly do jump forward heavy at midscreen even for an easy infinite. I think his light, medium, heavy, forward special (repeat from light) is a corner infinite but then again I can only do it for 5 reps at most.
-Custom Demon and some other characters have animation bugs where characters are locked into an animation, the most obvious is holding crouch while you do crouching medium, if forward or back is held after the move ends, you will stay stuck in the last frame of the move until you let go, sliding along the ground and able to do some moves without a hitbox appearing. A similar glitch occurs also when you use an air attack and then cancel into a special on the ground instantly, doing the move but still in the air move animation.
-Custom demon ice ball and launcher special create an easy infinite, lauch opponent, do ice ball to catch them in air, then repeat forever, this one is even easier than the Satoshi infinite
Really love what you're doing and will continue to report bugs and inifinites as I see them

Thank you very much for the valuable feedback! I've replied to you on Twitter (you're Kusoge Kris, right?)