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I liked this :D It was charming and the colors made the incredibly simple plot incredibly simple to follow (it's red, you're blue!") 

I wished it was a bit longer because I really liked what you did. I wasn't sure if I was able to look at or read the disks (is that what they were? Old floppies?) so if that was a thing I missed it.

Ran into some graphical glitches, too, but it didn't break the game at all and I thought it was entertaining :D 

Cheers! Hope you like the Lumps Play (What's that????? It's Let's Plays, with pop-up commentary! Text! Give it a shot :D)

Cheers. 🍻

Thanks a lot for your comment.

Actually you collected hard drives, but I still do not know what can be their function. It's a prototype!

I'm sorry for the glitches, did you run the game with Nvidia ? It happened to me too with this graphics processor, but with Intel it worked fine.

Otherwise, it's an original way to make lets' plays! Subscribed ✔️

Welcome, Lump-kin! 🍻

I did run it with nvidia, so sounds like that was it. No reason to apologize, at least I didn't fall through any floors :D

As for the drives....maybe you could collect 'em before you unleash the red, and be required to put 'em in a computer or something for a little backstory and ultimately a code that allows you to unleash it. Brainstormin'!