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Epistle 3 Script.

0- G-Zone.

A dreamlike sequence, starring G-MAN and the superimposed bits of the key moments of the main HL series. Monochrome and negative images. The university of Innsbruck. A glimpse of the interior of the tram in Black Mesa. A clock (7:00 am) start to ring the alarm, but immediately G-man touch it (just touching) and the clock stops.


Aren't you excited, Mister Freeman?

So much has been… invested to achieve this... moment even if doesn’t seem so.

And I will take what is mine by right… I hope it doesn’t sounds like an imposition but… well, I think this far in our relationship you can imagine what’s next. Don’t you, Mister Freeman?

No?... don’t worry, just have patience and you will see it for yourself…

(Gasp) Here we go again…


1- Helicopter ride. Slow Pace

introduction to the arctic scenario. Crash occurs, never fainting.


Fade out from black.

Fade out of mute.

The player can only move the head of GF.

The characters communicate through headset.

Slowly we start to hear the sound of the helicopter. Alyx is in front of us, forcing a smile. The bright of the sun goes through the overcast sky.

At one side of the vehicle, the vast arctic sea. At the other, the vast white arctic land. A deep ravine can be seen at distance. Further the ravine, a mountain range rises beyond the eye can be seen.


Good morning, Gordon… did you have some rest? Good, good… You were sleeping like a baby (timid giggles) I can't even close my eyes and i'm starving. Sometimes I even forget how much time pass since I ate…. I’m a mess, Gordon….

But we have to keep going, otherwise this would have all been for nothing.. hear this: Barney has been communicating from White Forest. says everything is ready for the departure of the convoy… he’s been trying to communicate with Magnusson and Kleiner but they are still (sigh)…off the grid.


Incoming transmission, miss Vance. Passing to you.


Thanks, Hello? This is Alyx Vance, can you hear me, White Forest?


(A lot of interference)

Alyx, hows going?


Everything seems fine to me. Gordon just get rid of the embrace of Morpheus.


(A lot of interference)

Hello, Gordon. Be a cool guy and put some ones to cold as soon as you land, could you, buddy? This ride is gonna be a tough one.


Barney, how much is it gonna take to reunite with us?


(A lot of interference)

At this moment we are trying to get safe geoposition assistance, but we need to be extra careful to check the safety of the transmission; could be really easy to the Combine to jack up our signal and take us to an embush.


Yeah, it took you a lot to get a safe channel this time.


(Almost nonsense)


(At the same time)

Barney? Im losing you, Barney!


(Just static)


Well, what a shitty signal. Hope we can communicate with them later.

how much?


Let me check my coordinates, miss Vance. The winds make me take a deviation some miles ago, so we are now heading from their southwest positi…(Interrupts)

A strong bump of the vehicle. A turbulence shakes it all. The vehicle starts to follow rapidly, spinning in the air. The emergency alarm triggers.



We are going down! Hold on!!

Clenching teeth, Alyx close her eyes. GF can't.

(Continues in the google doc)