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Hi Dann,  Glad you are having fun with Level Buddy.  3D sectors are just normal 3d mesh objects so they can be any shape they want so if you want to add more materials to the object you add them in the same manner as you would any 3d object in blender through the normal material tab.  Since this was something that I built for myself without an initial plan to release it I didn't think it was important to duplicate the material window into the level buddy UI but now that so many others are using the add-on it is probably time to revisit the UI.  This is also why there is zero documentation which is not great.   Hope that helps!

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Yes thank you, and you made something great, it reduces the time and

stress alot! Not hard to understand at all. I just drew the map on paper
and boom it was done in just some minutes, didn't have to check for
empty gaps or anything, the only problem I'm having is the one I said
here, good job.

Edit3: I have fixed the issue, it was Unity's fault for not updating the .blend file while in Scene, I even edited your script to see if there was something missing but turns out it was really Unity's fault. anyway Keep up the good work, this Tool can be very usefull to everyone!