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i love this soooooooooooooooo much. it honest to god feel like a little gem on here. the art is so rad and the story feels so cool. even as i was looking around the house for a things i was feeling super creeped out. it made me so tense lmao. unfortunately the tense moments were messed up by the looong periods of time where i couldnt figure out where the fuck am i supposed to look. maybe i suck at games like this but in the end ive walked 80 times around the house in search of a rope or all the previous thing that i eventually just left the game.  lol im embarassed but i loved the story so far anyway

Hiiii glithch! I'm very happy that you've played and enjoyed the game, thank you!! :D

I don't know if you are going to play it again, but here's a tip: what you need is in the attic. Also, mom has all the keys ;)


oh i tried playing it again but it wont let me continue... :x says a file is missing.

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ok i just replayed it and i went to the attic. i didnt expect the keys to be needed for the attic since she said 'i cant go up there' not 'its closed' i just thought shes scared of the attic or something lol. i finished the game now and it was really cool! are there like two endings? 

Congrats on finishing it! There's only one ending to this sad, sad story :P

ooooh then im curious what was up with the basement in the hole. i havent had a chance to check it out and i thought it changes the endong or something