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Hey Guys, 

I just did a quick video on Pauly the Pig and when you click Launch it just runs the UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe so I had to show local files and click Pauly.exe.

It's nice little game and admittedly it's a little late here so I didn't do particularly long video for which I apologies. Great graphics, controls are good and the atmosphere is also great. I enjoyed the game and intend to play some more.

[Give it a few minutes to finish processing]

Thanks Devs



Hi wobblyfootgamer,

Dev here. Thanks for your feedback and the commented gameplay video! I just reuploaded the game and made sure launching from the application works (you might have to re-install though).
There have also been some tips added to the project page in case you want to give it another go :)

Have fun!