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I'm not sure how I feel about a semi turn based / real time tower defense, as well as the waking mechanic to be honest. Feel it might work better if its either fully turn based where its clear what each turn does, or fully real-time, as for now I spend most of the time clicking the guy wondering when he'll actually fully awaken. The mana cost needs to be indicated as well as its unclear how each item costs, and how long each item lasts for (perhaps a duration bar of some sort).

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It is, actually, fully turn based. After you press wake, she takes 3 in game turns to become Groggy. If you wake her while she's Groggy, she takes 2 turns to fully awaken. If you leave her alone, she goes back to Groggy, and then to Asleep, in 5 turns each.

But I guess I need to indicate it all better in-game.

Thanks for the feedback, though. Much appreciated!