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Hey Peeps,

I hope you're all good?

I've done a video on Buto and all I Can say is wow. First of all, if I yach on in the video i'm really sorry I was just erm, happy to be playing the demo. 

if I can add a few points though.

1. The Intro. That has just pipped the post to what can only be described as the most visually stunning intro I have seen in my 30 years of gaming . Absolutely amazing. I love the font set used, the way the grass was defocused at the bottom the of the screen and even the little teasers in the background such as the village and mountain. I hope the game covers these areas. The demo did cover the village but I hope the mountain may be a feature in the full version

2. It would be uber amazing if you could pan the camera around but if it can't be done then I don't care. I will wait for the polished game to come out and buy it.

I can see lots of hard work has gone into the demo and I was just well, in awe. I thought it was just fantastic.

Also, I thought I would get a little bored of the background music but in all honesty I didn't.

Well done DEVS.

If you want me to redo the video then let me know. I don't like to rehearse as I like to keep the video as it is.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I'm like to make the intro into an 8 hour screen saver because I think it would look great if it was played on 50-800 inch TV in a showroom so it could be seen from a distance. It would look absolutely fantastic providing you give me the nod to do so.




Thank you so much for the video, that was a joy to watch!
I'm so happy you like what we have so far. The Fervid Mountain will be a feature later in the game, in fact chapter six is set all on and around it!
We've been working hard on being able to nudge the camera a little with the mouse. It's turned out to be one of the biggest technical challenges so far, but we might just start trying twice as hard to get it working now!
Feel free to use the intro to make a screensaver, that's no problem at all.

Thank you again, it's really motivating to see people enjoying the game!