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Unfortunately can't run the game, crashes for me with a 

as per the instructions, made sure all the files were downloaded and extracted properly, and made sure windows doesn't flag it as a virus. 

oops, sorry for that!
I'll check it right now
that part only triggers if your pc is either german or french, and skips it if none of those are the case
ig that your machine is one of them but isn't activating like it should
for now you could try and placing this file in the ProjectMirror appdata folder

Got same issue, can you make it run webbased?

I sadly don't have the license yet :(

Alright! Found the bug!
It is possible that your language wasn't supported but now it is!
I'll wait for other bugs to pop up in a few hours, if that doesn't happen I'll upload a new build

If it's a language issue: if it helps my system language is Finnish.


I updated the build, you can check it out!