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Hey, this is a common error. Could you please disable or whitelist Project Wingman folder from your antivirus and re-extract the game again? Thank you! :) 

There's a common error where truesky files are detected as false positives by some anti-virus which is the reason you see a black sky.

Hello, I disabled Avast! real-time protection on both computers but it's still black on the laptop. I forgot to mention than on the desktop I could see the Su-27 in the Main Menu, Hangar and the multiple view cycle pressing "C" as well, wingman, clouds, terrain and enemy aircraft , just that I have to press Alt+Tab just for the frames to move. I could hear in-game music as well as radio chatter smoothly playing and engine sounds as well but the scene WILL get stuck on whatever is last shown on the screen unless I press Alt-Tab again and again making me do a mandatory slideshow which is quite hilarious as the desktop has way better specs than the laptop but the laptop runs the game fine aside from the surroundings except the cockpit and HUD and UI elements being black. The Main Menu on the laptop is also black. I only get to see the full Su-27 only in the hangar. Cheers for the progress on the game so far!


That's fairly new to me. 

Mind showing me some screenshots on your laptop version? thanks.

For your desktop, try running the game in admin mode and or compatibility mode.

Appreciate your patience, Thanks!