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You can drop suggestions any time as new levels are added to the demo. And, feel free to throw suggestions my way as I post updates on the development to my Twitter as well.

Although I haven't yet, I very well may upload dev log videos when I hit milestones that warrant some reflection and commentary (such as after adding new levels to the demo). The upcoming scrapyard level would be the first of those significant milestones.

Currently, my Patreon has a text/image post on Nytro's character design history and another text/image post on how I modeled and textured the scrapyard's nanomachine vortex, which is textured the same way as everything else in Nytro. In addition, there are currently 3 early WIP level demos (woods, crystal caverns, and scrapyard), which I generally post as soon as I have a coherent whole to show (which is to say very early in a level's development, before their unique gameplay elements are even added). Since these aren't deleted as they become obsolete, they also serve a role as playable historical records.

awesome! Will do.

Here's a couple more design questions:

-will each level be mandatory, like in Spyro 2 & 3, with mandatory items like talismans driving progression? Or will it be more open like Spyro 1, where each world has a different requirement for a certain collectible (i.e. 1,000 bolts / 40 gears / whatever else)? In Spyro 1, you can skip entire worlds if you so desire! I know Magic Crafters is able to be skipped for sure. Will your game follow Spyro 1's progression through worlds?

-how many collectible types will there be? In Spyro 1, you had gems, eggs, and dragons. In Croc (another classic I loved), you had crystals, colored gems, and Gobbos. Seems like 3 types is a good amount, but I've seen various collectathons go below/above this amount. So far, we've seen bolts and golden gears in Nytro. Just wondering if other collectibles are planned?

-will most of the enemies be of the same race, like Gnorcs dressed differently for each level but they're almost all still Gnorcs, or will each level have completely different cast of enemies totally unique to each level (zombies, dinosaurs, robots etc.)? I definitely like the Gnorc style better (where most enemies share the same race), because it makes the game feel more cohesive and connected. Plus, having the same race of enemies throughout the levels ties into the bosses better, such as Gnasty Gnorc being the big bad Gnorc leader. Though I can see the benefit of the other design, which makes the game feel less samey. Anyways, what way are you thinking?

Hope to see the next demo update soon :) good luck!