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Can't launch on ubuntu 20.04, it crashes at launch...


I wanted to make a troubleshooting doc but haven't had the time. The sim works only with vulkan, no opengl, so usually on Linux it runs fine if you can get sensible output from 'vulkaninfo' command. Unfortunately all my test machines are also development machines and I guess Unreal Engine installation gets all the drivers it needs to run so I'm not experiencing those issues. Hope you can get it to work, good luck! :) 

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Wow I'm starting to loose my sanity ;D

I'm sorry to post that here, but it drives me crazy.


I switched from using the 450 to the 460 nvidia driver, and now I can launch the game. However, it's suuuuper slow, and I can only have a black screen, with the menu ui, I can very slowly select and click on buttons, go to other menu ui, but all I see in the background is a black screen, nothing else. The issue is that vulkan doesn't seam to work properly, however, I triple checked my hardware and it's compatible with vulkan, I have a Nvidia Geforce Gtx 950M and my drivers are up to date, but it still doesn't work any better. 'Vulcaninfo' gives me the right infos(I think, I'm not 100% sure). And it's the exact same with other games that use the Vulkan shader, I can't run Beamng drive with proton for example, even if it's supposed to be supported. My setup is: intel core i7, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950M, 8G memory it's strange, if I switch from using my Nvidia card to using only my intel smaller graphic card, the behavior of the game is the same, my cpu is almost maxed out... After some loooonnng researches I saw that it might be that the nvidia drivers don't support switching from one card to another on linux, but I still have no idea how to solve that problem, all the things I've tried failed successfully lol... edit: I'm almost sure that the game doesn't use my main graphic card, its gpu utilization stays almost at the same level when I launch the game, while the cpu usage explodes. Any idea how to make sure the game runs on my Nvidia graphic card instead of my intel smaller graphic card ?



I completely reinstalled vulkan and it works now, expect that it crashes after ~30 seconds in the actual game, so my issue is sort of solved ? thanks for the reading ;)

Do you have any idea of why I'm struggling so hard ? Is my setup good enough for this sim ? how did you install vulkan on your linux machines ?