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Hello! You can call me Savi! I'm in my first year studying Information Systems. English is not my native language so I apologize for any grammar mistakes.

I love drawing, playing music and programming so I thought making games was the perfect way to combine all those things. Since I'm learning C# in college, I chose to make games with Unity. I also tried GameMaker but I end up using Unity anyway…

I've been inspired by many games (Papers,Please, Undertale, Pokemon, Bioshock, Professor Layton, Cave story, Phoenix Wright, OFF, Super Chroma Squad, No-one has to die, and basically all Daniel Linssen's games) and I wanted to make a simple game where I could use everything I learned from those games about game design and telling stories so, last year, I began making very basic platformers using Unity. I found out about this jam through Louie Zong but it had already ended so I waited until summer to join and now I'm here! I haven't decided yet but I'm considering making a team for this jam! Up until now I've been using Unity, Photoshop (pixel art) and Famitracker. I also tried to drag a friend to join the jam but he doesnt know if he will be able to...

So I guess that's it. I hope to meet many people and have a great time making games.