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Hello again :), It's Jet AKA Moon  :D. So I've Played this when it was a demo. Now I need ask a ton for questions but I'm going to limit them to 3 tops.

1. What's the story of this game?  Now yes I've read your front page  "The City Has Been over run by Thugs ! its up to you to take the streets back any way necessary.  Good Luck Agent !"  Okay that's a good start but  what else? because I want to know as much lore about this one little city, the characters, etc. 

2.  Are we going to be able to buy more moves? 

All I'm mostly seeing is PPP and KKK with some PKPK KPPK, which is cool  

3. Are their going to be special ability.

Special move:

You could do something  with a gun since he is a cop. Make it like 1 bullet is a Left n right special. and if you do without bullets he loses energy.

There are my questions for you! Now! FAQ for you!

Why with all the Questions? 

Because I really liking the concept of this and I hope it becomes more than it is.

What do you do ?

I produce content on a you tube channel called "Brawlers Avenue" Everything there is Beat 'em up or Hack and slash related. 

How can I get in contact with BA?

We have a Discord we hang out at. Here is the link

Hope to hear from you soon!