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this looks like an interest concept but the card background vaguely remind me of yu-gi-oh maybe use monster cards with backgrounds as they look kind of plain.

Greetings Aberdeus,

First of all, I would like to thank you for being the first person to comment my game.

Actually, I went on the Internet and searched for "Magics Card Templates" and found out a template that seemed nice and I altered the colors depending on the monster's element. (I presume you found out that the "Fire bat" had a red card since it was a "fire element" type of monster)

As you may notice, too, there is no downloadable game so far because I really want to launch it around november 4th just before the end of the contest's end date.

We're currently working on making new stuff to make it look as old-school as possible. This said, I'll take a look about your suggestion on making the cards less "plain".

To thank you, here's a little gift : the "Bats Swarm" poison-type card and the "Boss Golem" earth-type card.

Bats SwarmBoss Golem