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Hey hey! We are both so glad to hear you liked the game!

We are a bit...saddened to see your video title though. We were checking around your other videos and none of the other titles follow this trend of shock at something that is completely normal, and honestly-- to see this title really bummed us out!

It's also very confusing considering how much you seemed to like the game?

We aren't comfortable having a video with a title like this in our comment section-- so if the title remains the same we will remove it, but if you change it we would gladly help promote your LP by keeping it here!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Hello there Sofdelux Studios!

I really did like the game. I will most likely spend a whole lot of time in it to find myself the other endings or at least try to... Haha! 

The title wasn't there for any bad reasons and I'm talking about that in the video.  I'm pro homosexuality in any way possible. I was just talking in the video about the fact that visual novels always has to include some sexual elements. But I guess that is a cultural thing when it comes to visual novels since it almost always is a part of them. I have nothing against it. I would just still love the game even if it didn't have it :)

The title has been changed now cause I respect both homosexuality and also your product. Love the game. Love homosexuals! And I love getting together! And that's what I want the channel to be all about. Not spread any agendas or hate in any way. <3

I'm just a small YouTuber who does some clickbait every now and then. Haha :)

Thank you again for the amazing adventure and I can't wait to dive back into it again! Stay rad! :)


Thanks so much! We appreciate your understanding and definitely appreciate your support. (And we both hope you'll like the True End to the game if you choose to pursue it, hehe~)


If you're looking for some Visual Novels that don't mention anything sexual at all, I'd like to recommend some ofNami's games-- such as,Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, Her Tears Were My Light, and theLonely Wolf Treat series for good measure! Hope you'll enjoy~!