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I see what happened, try adding this group to the top level of your event sheet (something similar is in the example project layout 2). This method of setting speed to 0 and using dt to increment the time offset is mainly useful for the case where you might be changing the wind speed during runtime (you can add a multiplier to the dt that is added to WindTime to change the speed seamlessly.)

Another thing I saw in the project was that the height offset parameter was set to 1, this means that nothing will bend with the wind, normally set this to something like 0.1 (it depends on what your sprite looks like, but this assumes the lower 10% of the sprite should not bend, like a tree trunk.)

If you are not going to change the wind speed during runtime, you don't need any events, instead set the speed to  a non-zero value and set up the other parameters so it has the behavior you want and the animation will occur without events.

Hope that helps!