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  • I like the target retinal shake when attacking

  • graphics look great

  • music is nice

  • liked running into enemies that were fighting each other

  • no apparent controller support

  • full screen doesn’t appear to work quite right on Linux

  • had a skeli attack when its hit animation

  • The ‘out of stamina’ sound seems to be out of place (not match other sounds)

  • needs an eat animation/sound

  • sword attacks 1x per click, bow repeats as long as the button is held down - I also expected the bow to charge when held down and shoot on release

  • wasn’t exactly clear if there were any specific goals/etc

  • the z/x key ability - I would like to see them in some sort of on screen UI

  • would be nice to have a close button when in a shop, had to guess at esc to close it

  • it wasn’t unclear to go to the village elder’s house to continue the quest(s)… I just found it by wandering and was about to quit thinking I hit the end of the demo

  • would be nice if spells targeted at the end of the cast instead of the start, so moving targets were easier to hit